What is Maritime Security Mapping and How it can Stop the Hacker Bjorka?

Kapalbakamla (Photo by: Indonesian Maritime Security Agency)

Member of Commission I of the DPR, Christina Aryani, said that data security and protection must be recognized as homework that the government needs to seriously consider, including other parties who collect public data, including the private sector. This was conveyed by commenting on the recent leaks of personal data of Indonesian public and officials, including by a hacker who calls himself bjorka. The Golkar Party politician said that the cyber security roadmap is very urgent, as was the case with the previous DPR's encouragement, we can produce a maritime security roadmap.

"We have to acknowledge the fact that data security in Indonesia is vulnerable to being compromised. Data leaks have not only happened once or twice but have been very frequent," he said in a written release, Tuesday (13/9).

He added that this repeated incident did not get the DPR RI's attention. He personally admits that he has several times pushed for the need for a Roadmap for Cyber Security, but so far no results have been seen.

"For us, the existence of a cybersecurity roadmap will help optimize cyber protection in Indonesia. Do not let it happen like now, throwing responsibilities between institutions or institutions, which we consider very bad.

"In the end, we consider repeated incidents of hacking of personal data, both those that occur to public data and state officials' data, to be a trigger for accelerating the ratification of the Personal Data Protection Bill."

"The existence of clear provisions regarding administrative or criminal sanctions against data controllers/processors who are negligent in managing public data will foster public confidence that their data is properly protected," he explained.

With this incident, he said, the issue of cyber security and of course data security which has recently been widely discussed by the public has given optimism that people are starting to understand the importance and value of personal data, which must be protected.

"This is a good sign that the Indonesian nation continues to move up the ranks, which in fact must also be followed by the government's hard work to ensure that all its devices have the same awareness as our society," he concluded.

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