WINNER 2022: Collaboration for Sustainable Blue, Green, Digital Economies and Societies

Offline-Event-WINNER Parallel session at Erasmus Huis Jakarta, Thursday (20/10/2022). (Photo by: The Water Agency)

The Week of Indonesia-Netherlands Education and Research (WINNER) is an initiative collaboration between Indonesia and The Netherlands focusing on education and research. This year's event is the third edition of WINNER and took place from 18-20 October 2022. Due to this changing environment, the Netherlands hopes to have a mutual collaboration with Indonesia (higher education or research institutions). The four-priority focus on this year's conference are (1) Equality of global public health; (2) Blue economies and societies; (3) Green economy; (4) Digital economy.  

Opening Ceremony conducted in hybrid mode on Tuesday (18/10/2022).

The Opening Ceremony was conducted in hybrid mode on Tuesday (18/10/2022). The event started with the opening remarks from the Minister of Education, Culture, and Science of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Robert Dijkgraaf and the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, Nadiem Makarim. They both emphasized that collaboration within the country is very important in promoting research collaboration on issues related to sustainable green, blue, and digital economies. Following that, the event continued with a sharing session about the current research innovation in Indonesia and the implementation of green and blue economy, explained by the Chairman of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko.

During the second day, the virtual event was divided into many sections organized by Indonesian and Dutch researchers on topics related to the equality of public health, green economies and societies, blue economies and societies, digital economies and societies and new pathways for knowledge exchange. All series of webinars/ talk show was conducted featuring high-level speakers ranging from Indonesian and Dutch Ministers, researchers, policymakers, NGOs, and businesses. In addition, there were some distinct spaces for poster sessions and networking, as well as a virtual fair for Indonesian Universities to attract Dutch students.

In the sessions, there was also a presentation session for Asia Water Challenge, an innovation competition that inspires young talents to contribute to critical real-life water challenges in their country. The competition and its related activities serve as a "platform" to educate and provide a learning mechanism for young generations to the real professional working world. It also supports the business development objectives in water sectors in international market setup and connects businesses with great young talents in the water sector and relevant fields. 

Learn more about Asia Water Challenge here. 

The third day of WINNER 2022 consists of 3 main parallel sessions that presented a broad-based reflection on the Covid-19 experience, a discussion on Smart Cities and Nusantara – the new Capital City of Indonesia, and a session prepared by the Associations of Young Researchers from Indonesia and the Netherlands. The final session followed the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Nuffic Neso Indonesia as a stepping-stone for a discussion on the future of the Indonesia – Netherlands knowledge relationship. 

Author: The Water

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