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Sanitation saves lives, but billions of people live without access to even the most basic sanitation services. Globally, 61% of the population (4.5 billion people) lack “safely managed sanitation” – meaning access to a toilet or latrine that leads to treatment or safe disposal of human waste.

Since 2015, we have been working –with a large group of public-private partners– on a dream to get Indonesian village people on lifelong lifesaving water and sanitation, and we developed the world’s most cost-efficient sanitation system in the process, the Safe Water Garden.

Then we realised that with just a little bit of extra effort (from the local people themselves) we could establish a whole WASH revolution, which in turn leads to micro-farming and community tourism.

At the urging of the Gastes foundation, we put together a national scale-up plan (see the timeline here) which not only brings WASH, but a complete uplifting of rural communities, powered by local people themselves (our systems are so simple, with a little training, families can build them themselves in under a day).


Solution for Welang:
- Sustainable farming practices, agroforestry
- Community education (on water conservation)

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